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Title: Achilles' Heel
Author: [ profile] morganlogan
Pairing: S/H
Wordcount: 5,366
Rating: NC-17
Categories: FT, PWP, kink
Beta: Nik Ditty
Summary: Hutch can't help saying no.
Notes: A very early story of mine, this was my first ever accepted for publishing.
It appeared in Flamingo's Dangerous Lives, Dangerous Visions 2.

This one's for the Bird.

Achilles' Heel )

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Title: Four Score and Ten
Author: [ profile] morganlogan
Pairing: S/H
Wordcount: 4,512
Rating: NC-17
Category: FT, long after SR
Beta: CC
Summary: "Four score and ten years ago, Hutch and me set forth in this metropolis in order to clean the streets of scum like you." Starsky felt a huge satisfaction as he finished cuffing the perp, who was looking dazed from either the punch to the jaw or Starsky's brilliant elocution.

Four Score and Ten )
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I've recorded a version of CC's lovely story "Did I Tell You?" for listening to on your various widgety devices.

recording: (12MB) (right mouse-click and save-as)

original story text:
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Title: Puzzle Box
Author: [ profile] morganlogan
Pairing: S/H
Wordcount: 9,710
Rating: NC-17
Category: FT, Hutch H/C, post-SR
Beta: CC
Summary: With Hutch, there's no such thing as a slam-dunk.
Notes: Originally published in Lucy Doty's memorial zine for Tabby Davis, Test of Faith.

Puzzle Box )

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Title: Hard Lesson
Author: [ profile] morganlogan
Pairing: S/H
Wordcount: 2,410
Rating: NC-17
Category: FT, h/c (sorta), PWP really
Beta: CC
Summary: Starsky gets into a fix. Hutch helps him out.
Notes: Originally published in the 2006 SHareCon Zine.

Hard Lesson )
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Title: Legacy
Author: [ profile] morganlogan
Pairing: S/H
Wordcount: 2,470
Rating: PG for language
Category: FT, pre-series
Beta: CC
Summary: It's all about the jacket.
Notes: Spawned from a conversation with CC, who says she
forgives me for stealing a plot point from one of my favorite
stories, Free to a Good Home.

This is for Marcy, who does so damned much for us all.

Legacy )

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Title: Five Times Starsky and Hutch Kissed in the Torino (Well, Technically Four)
Author: [ profile] morganlogan
Pairing: Starsky/Hutch
Wordcount: 1500
Rating: NC-17
Beta: CC
Category: FT, Five Times

For CC.

Five Times Starsky and Hutch Kissed in the Torino )

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hey folks:

Flamingo's SH archive has been moved to a faster server, with a new interface. it is now here:

gen and slash, net and zine fic, art and poetry. Flamingo has also updated the archive with new zines and stories.

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Starsky/Hutch Appreciation Society Year End Review

Thursday, December 27, 2006, 21:55 hours Zulu time
Board Meeting Minutes
S/H Appreciation Society

Board Members: agent molo, Chair
Present: agent molo
Absent: none
Quorum present? Yes

· Year-End Meeting called to order by the Chair, agent molo

The year-end meeting of the S/H Appreciation Society did occur tonight at an undisclosed location. The Society is so ill-organized that only one member was in attendance. Also, someone forgot the refreshments and the Society members were reduced to eating stale Halloween candy left over from the last quarterly meeting.
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hey guys:

just a little Christmas Eve story
to lighten (hopefully) the
last-day-of-shopping blues.
(slash, no nookie)

happy holidays!
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in the spirit. really.

Music sung by the Who-ville Singers

For CC, who taught me the meaning of Christmas.
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Title: White Rabbit
Author: Morgan Logan
Genre: slash (very muchly)
Categories: uh...FT. and there are hippies involved.
Comments: why I bother posting 'em
Critique: shua
Disclaimer: Lewis Carroll can't come after me
Complete (~13,600 wds)
Notes: Story was originally published Oct 2005 by Kassidy Rae
in Like Water, Like Fire, a zineful of excellent stories.
Artwork by Sonja.
Beta'd by CC.

Written: June, 2005.
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Title: Transparent Blue
Author: Morgan Logan
Genre: gen
Comments: if you feel up to it
Critique: shua
Disclaimer: It only breathes when I hurt
Complete (~2,100 wds)
Notes: Beta'd by CC. Warning: SECOND PERSON POV. be afeared.
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a new vid to celebrate the pain of the season. uh. well, you know what I mean.
this is non-seasonal, a slashy little vid, song by Incubus:

Love Hurts

Many thanks to CC for the beta and clip assistance.
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missing scene from Shootout. unbeta'd little thing.

Myriad Ways

By Morgan Logan

The rain fell, and Hutch's eyes marked the motion, following the paths
of the droplets as they crawled down the windowpane set above the
desk. The pattern was unpredictable--two drops that started at the
same point wended their ways to different destinations without reason.
continue... )

NS: [blink]

Dec. 5th, 2006 10:05 pm
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Title: [blink]
Author: Morgan Loga
Genre: slash, no nookie
Comments: even just a "thanks for being you" is terrific
Critique: shua
Disclaimer: not done for filthy lucre
Category: Starsky H/C
Complete (~2,800 wds)
Notes: Beta'd by the fabulous CC

NS: Magic

Nov. 30th, 2006 11:29 pm
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Title: Magic
Author: Morgan Logan
Genre: slash, none too explicit
Comments: even just a "your typing is excellent" is nice
Critique: shua
Disclaimer: They can pry my pron from my cold dead hands
Category: FT, SR
Complete (~3,400 wds)
Notes: Beta'd by CC, for which I am hugely grateful
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hi guys:

hopefully you will find this a fun ride.


Title: Pigs in Space
Author: Morgan Logan
Genre: slash indeed
Comments: even just a "thanks for posting your pathetic efforts" is dandy
Critique: shua
Disclaimer: What they don't know won't hurt them
Category: FT, AU, Science Fiction
Complete (~17,200 wds)
Notes: First appeared in the AU anthology Timeless2, edited
and published by and still available.
Written: August, 2005
Illustration by the fabulously talented Selena
Beta by CC
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notes: just a shorty (implied slash), inspired
in part by Kaye's terrific Behavioral Studies
which got me to thinking about food as the guys'
ultimate passive-aggressive communication tool.

thanks to CC for the eyeballs.


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