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FROM codename:molo
Special Agent In Charge
DHI (Dept. of Homoerotic Investigations)


spies have infiltrated the ranks and this operative has by necessity relocated base of operations to please contact agent there for access to homoerotic materials.

this message will not self-destruct but it will slip on a banana peel in 10 seconds.

this has been agent molo, signing off

dateline 04.17.2017 2357 hours, PDT

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hey folks:

Flamingo's SH archive has been moved to a faster server, with a new interface. it is now here:

gen and slash, net and zine fic, art and poetry. Flamingo has also updated the archive with new zines and stories.

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This journal tends to be announcement only for new SH works.

You can find all of my fiction, vids and art linked here:

Or you can see them listed and sorted by genre:

S/H Stories ø S&H Gen Stories ø SH Snippets (slash and gen) ø SH Vids (slash and gen) ø SH Art (slash and gen)

Also, there are some shorter, weird pieces and blather on my blog. You can also be notified by tag whenever I post something new.
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