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A message from the OTW:
GeoCities, a web hosting site founded in the mid-1990s which gave free
home pages to its users, will close its doors sometime in 2009 and take
down all its sites. Many fans used the site; therefore fandom will be
losing a lot of its early archives and resources sites when GeoCities

If you are the owner of a fanfiction archive or resource, meta or other
fannish page on GeoCities and you do not have another hosting
alternative, we can help! Open Doors is teaming up with the Archive of
Our Own and Fanlore to preserve as much material as possible.

For more info and links and how to get help moving/archiving your
Geocities pages, please go here:
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Starsky/Hutch Appreciation Society Year End Review

Thursday, December 27, 2006, 21:55 hours Zulu time
Board Meeting Minutes
S/H Appreciation Society

Board Members: agent molo, Chair
Present: agent molo
Absent: none
Quorum present? Yes

ยท Year-End Meeting called to order by the Chair, agent molo

The year-end meeting of the S/H Appreciation Society did occur tonight at an undisclosed location. The Society is so ill-organized that only one member was in attendance. Also, someone forgot the refreshments and the Society members were reduced to eating stale Halloween candy left over from the last quarterly meeting.
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