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Happy Birthday, [ profile] hardboiledbaby! Notice that [ profile] fire_juggler has gone and podficced one of my S/H stories, Magic, just for you! What a kind friend, sez I - especially for the packaging. FJ has a terrific voice and an awesomely dry delivery. 10/10 recommend that you have a great bday, baby.
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has translated Pickle into Italiano!  How lovely. :)  Also, don't forget there's an awesome podfic version read by flamingo!
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happy ShareCON my sweets! [ profile] hardboiledbaby has done an outstanding reading of Care and Maintenance (Gen, H/C, tag for The Psychic) – text. I love the way Starsky's voice breaks on "Hu-utch." Plus the motorcycle sounds.
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hey kids: the most awesome [ profile] hardboiledbaby has recorded a fantastic rendering of Caught Lightning, one of my little stories. Poor wubbie Hutch. The pretty lightning always gets away from him.

Podfic is right here. Fantastic recording by hardboiledbaby.
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Ms. Bird did podfic two of my stories! Blue and Pickle. I asked her: you had to pick my very first piece of fiction ever? But I think it's kind of wonderful, actually. This way people can see the progress (if any) I've made in my career. :)

Both podfic are linked here on the Starsky and Hutch Archive.

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I've recorded a version of CC's lovely story "Did I Tell You?" for listening to on your various widgety devices.

recording: (12MB) (right mouse-click and save-as)

original story text:
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