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Title: Transparent Blue
Author: Morgan Logan
Genre: gen
Comments: if you feel up to it
Critique: shua
Disclaimer: It only breathes when I hurt
Complete (~2,100 wds)
Notes: Beta'd by CC. Warning: SECOND PERSON POV. be afeared.
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missing scene from Shootout. unbeta'd little thing.

Myriad Ways

By Morgan Logan

The rain fell, and Hutch's eyes marked the motion, following the paths
of the droplets as they crawled down the windowpane set above the
desk. The pattern was unpredictable--two drops that started at the
same point wended their ways to different destinations without reason.
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[wrote this in honor of Mr. Britwizz and his enthusiasm for crinkle-cut fries, and for being such a good sport at SHareCon. Written on the plane ride on the way home. --molo]

Wanna Share?

By Morgan Logan (

God, I hate this. Hutch slouched in the passenger seat, already annoyed and unsure why, except he always felt this way when Starsky dragged him on one of his 'special trips'. This time it was to a classic car show in Pomona. Why Starsky would think Hutch would be interested in driving for an hour and a half in Sunday traffic to go look at old cars beat the life out of him.

Starsky made a joke about the car he'd recently bought for Hutch not being a candidate for the show, and Hutch grumbled an irritated comeback, regretting it a second later. He wasn't sure why he was so annoyed, except maybe it was because these long trips reminded him a little too heavily of his father's 'Sunday family outings,' and sitting squeezed in the back seat of the sedan with the ice chest and his bratty little sister, only they weren't allowed to squabble because 'Damn it, a man works hard six days a week he deserves a little peace and quiet on Sunday with a happy family.'

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hey kids. this one is a missing series of
scenes from the Plague. poor wubbie.


Title: The Thin Brown Line
Author: Morgan Logan
Genre: gen
Warning: it really is gen
Feedback: if you please
Critique: shua
Disclaimer: I shot the sheriff
Category: missing scene
Complete (~2700 wds)
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hey kids. well, I started to write this sequel to
"Family Loyalty" a year ago...but I didn't want to
ruin everyone's holiday, so I shelved it for a while.
but now it's done and, well, here ya go.

warning: it ain't pretty. but I hope it's uplifting.


Title: Teach Your Children
Author: Morgan Logan
Genre: gen
Warning: Hutch is a right bastard.
Feedback: yay
Critique: always trying to learn
Disclaimer: William Blinn *said* I could.
Category: angst-fest.
Complete (~1,700 wds)
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oops. I made a gen:


Title: Care and Maintenance
Author: Morgan Logan
Genre: gen (no unnecessary bathing)
Warning: bruises!
Feedback: shua
Critique: always useful
Disclaimer: William Blinn is my personal god
Category: Missing Scene from the Psychic.
Starsky Hutch H/C, Starsky angst
Complete (~1,400 wds)
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I have posted a new story, for thanksgiving:


Author: Morgan Logan
Story Title: Family Loyalty
Fandom: Starsky & Hutch
Gen or Slash: Gen, if you will
Rating: PG, mild language
Complete or WIP: complete
Category: Thanksgiving story
Disclaimer: not my boys. wish they were.
3K words
Summary: Hutch's father visits for
Thanksgiving. Not a happy thing.
Starsky eavesdrops.

WARNING: implies physical abuse in Hutch's youth.

This fiction contains no unnecessary bathing.

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