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Well, VegaSH Con is over and the vid show (thank god) is done.

My intro (right mouse-click and save) included a clip from the Hazards' "Shut up & Make Out" and Rihanna's "Shut up and Drive". My computer melted down (complete hard drive failure) a week before the con, which meant a frantic purchase of a back up drive, a scramble to transfer all the data and acquire another computer, and then get everything back up and running in time to get the show together and burned to disk before I flew to Vegas for the con.

By the grace of the cute Mac Geniuses it worked out. Here is a spreadsheet of the vid show!

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in the spirit. really.

Music sung by the Who-ville Singers

For CC, who taught me the meaning of Christmas.
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a new vid to celebrate the pain of the season. uh. well, you know what I mean.
this is non-seasonal, a slashy little vid, song by Incubus:

Love Hurts

Many thanks to CC for the beta and clip assistance.
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inspired by all the lovely vids at the vid show, I've gone and committed a vid
myownself. "100 Years" by Five for Fighting.

two sizes. hope you enjoy. many thanks to CC for the beta.

NV: Get Off

Jun. 3rd, 2006 09:37 pm
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this one is a somewhat sarcastic look at our boys' uh libidos. (high bandwidth, 28MB) (low bandwidth, 11 MB)

you might call it a cautionary tale. plus, it's got a great beat. the song is
"Get Off" by the Dandy Warhols.

thanks to CC and Keri for the beta-views!
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hey guys:

new vid (S/H, Fallen Angels by Marc Cohn):

you might have to scroll to it if your browser
doesn't send you there directly.
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the boys are big doofuses. proof: and
scroll down to "What Is Hip?" by Tower of Power.

right mouse-click, save, and hopefully enjoy.
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a new vid to ring in the new year.

an episode-in-a-box, this time from Bloodbath:
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hey kids:

I think I did a happy vid! Tommy Lee's "Good Times."
and right mouse-click/save the size you want.

only the barest taint of irony! I swear!
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hey there peeps:

posted a new vid to my homepage. it's called the Lovecats (by the Cure) and it's linked here:

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happy thanksgiving!  

something to watch while you run the dishwasher 
and put your feet up:

don't panic (640x480 35MB) large
don't panic (320x240 14MB) medium 
don't panic (240x180 7MB) small

song is by Cold Play.
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hey kids: a new vid for you, called "Gonna Make You Mine."

sort of an "episode in a box" vid, from Fatal Charm.

lyrics/music by Spencer Day, an incredible young musician.
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well, I went and finished another vid
last night (sleep? sissy-bait.)

it's called "Good Riddance" and it's my
most ironic vid to date!

linked here:

also, I'm taking votes for which vids would be
good to show at ZCon. I can only bring three...
and now I have four. so please post or email me
your ideas. tx.
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hey peeps:

I've posted a new S/H vid, "Open the Door" by Michael McDonald:

(I highly recommend a right mouse-click and save-as)

this one is a little experimental...
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my latest effort. (15MB) (8MB)

(gotta love Frank.)

(if you are on windows you might need the latest quicktime player. you can
download it here:
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I've gone and tried my hand at v-v-v-video.
this is a very dangerous thing for girls, who have little time as it is.
but oh, well.

here 'tis: (high bandwidth, it will take a while to load) (low bandwidth, I hate it tiny)

(if you are on windows you might need the latest quicktime player. you can
download it here:
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the deadly screencapping continues.

I have posted a new wallpaper:

shots from DIADP. other sizes available at:
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this isn't really art, just snaps from one of my favorite sequences of
the guys (from fatal charm):


the entire 11-frame sequence:

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has anyone ever noticed our boys look their best when they've just been poisoned or stabbed or something?
(those *legs*, of all things)

more sizes available at:

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I've posted two new pieces o' art (if you can call it that).
(I lose control taking screenshots of half-naked Starsky.
apologies to James Brown.)
(by fan request, it's all about Hutch's eyes)

varying sizes available at:
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