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Title: Like Indiana Jones
Author: [personal profile] morganlogan
Rating: R
Categories: Established Relationship, Crushes, Movie References, Humor, Public Sex, oh Starsky
Words: 2,137
Warnings: none
Summary: Starsky has seen Indiana Jones a total of 17 times. This would make it 18.
A/N: Originally published in SHareCon 2016 zine.
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hey guys:

Thanks to some fine fans on Facebook, I've gotten motivated to re-offer Torn and Jericho as independent zines for your reading pleasure. Because of Reasons, neither of these stories will ever be offered online.

Torn (2004, 106 pages, click link to order) is only the second S/H story I ever wrote and has difficult content, so be fairly warned. 75 copies of this novella were originally printed, and it also traveled the world 2.5 times as a floating zine before one unfortunate fan selfishly kept it in Italy. But now you can own your very own copy for the low-low price of $4.99 plus shipping! Lulu ships internationally with quite reasonable rates. The summary: Undercover and out of reach, even the best efforts of the BCPD are unable to protect Hutch from being abducted and abused by a man with a vicious agenda. Now Starsky has to locate his best friend and rescue him. As always, the partners are short on time. (offscreen rape cw, recovery fic, Hutch h/c, first time.) Beta by Padawan Ula Luva, Brynn H and Lavender Jade.

Jericho (2005, 144 pages, click link to order) $4.99 + shipping. — originally published in VPC V by KeriT, cover illustration by Lorraine Brevig, beta by Dana Austin Marsh, this novel-length zine (137 pages) is a what-if set after Snowstorm. What if the boys in blue weren't too happy with Starsky and Hutch for taking down the dirty cops Corman and Burke? What would life be like around the precinct for our guys? (Casefic, Hutch h/c, emotional h/c for both our guys, rocky relationship.)

Both zines are perfect bound with glossy color covers and 12-pt type, trade paper interiors. Torn is on white paper, Jericho on cream.

Just FYI, the profit on these puppies is running me about .69 each, which seems oddly appropriate. Any profit I do make will be donated to The San Francisco SPCA, from which I acquired my one-eyed cat, Pirate Kitty.

To celebrate the release of these perfect-bound zines, and for the enjoyment of anyone who can't do zines for any reason, I'm publishing a new zine story online:

Title: Never Let Go
Pairing: Starsky/Hutch
Originally Published 10/2010 in The Perfect Couple by Flamingo and KeriT
Categories: Starsky H/C, PTSD, First Time, post-Bloodbath
Words: 9,532
Beta: CC
Warnings: Canon-related drug references and to Starsky's trauma in Bloodbath.
Summary: In this coda to Bloodbath, Starsky slowly recovers his disturbing memories of that shattered time, and learns something valuable in the process.
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Title: A Very Good Tradition
Pairing: Starsky/Hutch
Rating: NC-17
Categories: Established Relationship, Thanksgiving, Recreational Drug Use, ZineFic
Words: 11,149
Warnings: The boys smoke a little pot before sex.
Summary: Starsky teaches Hutch that holidays can be enjoyable after all.
Notes: Original published in Venice Place Chronicles 8 edited by KeriT; posting online as a Tgiving gift for [ profile] hardboiledbaby, who does so much for this fandom.
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Title: Like Bedrock

Author: Agent Molo

Pairing: Starsky/Hutch

Categories: First Time, Grief/Mourning, H/C, Casefic, Zine Story

Words: ~23K

Warnings: Minor Character Death

Summary: A sudden tragedy forces Starsky and Hutch to travel to NYC to solve an all too personal case. Their partnership must withstand the turbulence of Starsky's grief, and hopefully grow stronger as a result.

A/N: Originally printed in Venice Place Chronicles VIII published and edited by KeriT. Many thanks to her, without whom this story would not have been written. Thanks also to CC for the beta.

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Title: Starving in Plenty
Pairings: Starsky/Hutch, Hutch/Vanessa/OMC
Words: 16,247
Rating: NC-17
Categories: First Time, H/C, pre- and post-series, threesome,
Summary: They make a pact. But come to regret it.
A/N: First published in Flamingo's DLDV4. Posted for Carolyn, Nancy and Angel!

posted on AO3: Starving in Plenty.

hope you enjoy! it's a whopper.

I've also updated my Fanlore page with my S&H chronology, and put up the Starsky/Hutch Appreciation Society meeting minutes for your perusal with [ profile] morgandawn's help. Oh, I've been busy. :) Please feel free to edit or contact me if I've forgotten any significant moments in my S&H fandom experience. :D
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Title: The Price
Pairings: Starsky/Hutch, Hutch/OMC
Zine: Originally published in Venice Place Chronicles VI (2006) by Venice Place Press
Words: 26,024
Rating: NC-17
Categories: First Time
Betas: CC, [ profile] cousinshelley, edited by KeriT
Summary: Starsky's rage after Terry's death leads him to say something he regrets, and Hutch makes a decision that could cost them both.
A/N: an early novella? story of mine, inspired by a photoshop image I was working on from Pariah, which I've since used for my LJ banner. So, as you can see, 26K wds later I still wasn't done with it. :)

on my website: The Price (also in PDF format).
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Title: Paint It Gray
Pairing: Starsky/Hutch
Originally published in Back to Back by Idiot Triplets Press
Words: 20,443
Rating: NC-17
Categories: FT, Post-SR
Betas: Dana Austin Marsh and Padawan Ula Luva
Summary: Sometimes the hardest choice is the right one.
A/N: an early story of mine, this one owes a lot to stories by Dana Austin Marsh and Rosemary.

On my website: Paint It Gray
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Title: Achilles' Heel
Author: [ profile] morganlogan
Pairing: S/H
Wordcount: 5,366
Rating: NC-17
Categories: FT, PWP, kink
Beta: Nik Ditty
Summary: Hutch can't help saying no.
Notes: A very early story of mine, this was my first ever accepted for publishing.
It appeared in Flamingo's Dangerous Lives, Dangerous Visions 2.

This one's for the Bird.

Achilles' Heel )

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Title: Puzzle Box
Author: [ profile] morganlogan
Pairing: S/H
Wordcount: 9,710
Rating: NC-17
Category: FT, Hutch H/C, post-SR
Beta: CC
Summary: With Hutch, there's no such thing as a slam-dunk.
Notes: Originally published in Lucy Doty's memorial zine for Tabby Davis, Test of Faith.

Puzzle Box )

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Title: Hard Lesson
Author: [ profile] morganlogan
Pairing: S/H
Wordcount: 2,410
Rating: NC-17
Category: FT, h/c (sorta), PWP really
Beta: CC
Summary: Starsky gets into a fix. Hutch helps him out.
Notes: Originally published in the 2006 SHareCon Zine.

Hard Lesson )
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Title: White Rabbit
Author: Morgan Logan
Genre: slash (very muchly)
Categories: uh...FT. and there are hippies involved.
Comments: why I bother posting 'em
Critique: shua
Disclaimer: Lewis Carroll can't come after me
Complete (~13,600 wds)
Notes: Story was originally published Oct 2005 by Kassidy Rae
in Like Water, Like Fire, a zineful of excellent stories.
Artwork by Sonja.
Beta'd by CC.

Written: June, 2005.
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hi guys:

hopefully you will find this a fun ride.


Title: Pigs in Space
Author: Morgan Logan
Genre: slash indeed
Comments: even just a "thanks for posting your pathetic efforts" is dandy
Critique: shua
Disclaimer: What they don't know won't hurt them
Category: FT, AU, Science Fiction
Complete (~17,200 wds)
Notes: First appeared in the AU anthology Timeless2, edited
and published by and still available.
Written: August, 2005
Illustration by the fabulously talented Selena
Beta by CC
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Title: Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)
Author: Morgan Logan
Genre: slashy slash slash
Comments: even just a "thanks for posting your drivel" is lovely
Critique: shua
Disclaimer: I didn't mean it.
Category: Hutch H/C, Hutch Angst, not-really-established
relationship, seriously, embarrassingly mushy
Complete (~9,300 wds)
Notes: This is a shameless, feverish Hutch-fest, written
solely for my own (and hopefully CC's) pleasure in seeing
the wubbie all hot and sweaty.

Dedicated to and beta'd by CC.
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hi guys:

having the kind of day that requires posting a sad story.

this one was originally printed in Dangerous Lives, Dangerous Visions 3
(still available from A terrific zine).

don't read it if you're not up to the task.

(thank god for fandom)
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By Morgan Logan (

We hide who we are.

We do it with macho posturing and sexist by-play next to the coffee machine; with girls, girls, girls at discos, at work, and at bars, but never at home. At home it's just me and him, dark, sweaty and hot under me in my big bed, the brass railing knocking against the wall as I fuck him into oblivion. Or at his place, the big mirror overhead showing me his back and hips moving sinuously as he pounds into me or curls over me, sucking me deep.

The girls are strangely absent.
Read more... )
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it's been almost precisely a year since I started writing fiction. 23 stories (and multiple contusions and broken bones) later, I know the boys are unlikely ever to forgive me my callous hands, but I'm hoping my readers are glad to have me kicking around.

to celebrate, I am posting Riptide, which is the third story I ever wrote (it appeared in the SHareCon 2004 zine). I remember writing it as a desperate bid to escape the hell I was in trying to finish Torn. so it's the second story I ever finished, but the third I ever started. I was nascent, and squishy, and just learning my way, but it has a certain, uh, innocence.

and a lot of semi-colons.

it is here, if you wish to read it:

and happy birthday, David!
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have just posted a new S/H story to WWOMB:


Author:       Morgan Logan
Story Title:  Comes the Flood...
Fandom:       Starsky & Hutch
Gen or Slash: Slash S/H
Rating:       NC-17, graphic sexybits, boys are
Complete or WIP: complete
Category:     H/C, angst, first-time story,
              no squirrels
Disclaimer:   not my boys.  wish they were.
6500 words
Summary:      It's Starsky's turn to pine. 
              Post Plague ep.

Many thanks to beta Padawan Ula Luva, to SHaron for timeline help, and
to Dana Austin Marsh for writerly inspiration.

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