Jan. 20th, 2011

morganlogan: (hurtwubbie)
Title: The Price
Pairings: Starsky/Hutch, Hutch/OMC
Zine: Originally published in Venice Place Chronicles VI (2006) by Venice Place Press
Words: 26,024
Rating: NC-17
Categories: First Time
Betas: CC, [livejournal.com profile] cousinshelley, edited by KeriT
Summary: Starsky's rage after Terry's death leads him to say something he regrets, and Hutch makes a decision that could cost them both.
A/N: an early novella? story of mine, inspired by a photoshop image I was working on from Pariah, which I've since used for my LJ banner. So, as you can see, 26K wds later I still wasn't done with it. :)

on my website: The Price (also in PDF format).
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