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Title: Like Indiana Jones
Author: [personal profile] morganlogan
Rating: R
Categories: Established Relationship, Crushes, Movie References, Humor, Public Sex, oh Starsky
Words: 2,137
Warnings: none
Summary: Starsky has seen Indiana Jones a total of 17 times. This would make it 18.
A/N: Originally published in SHareCon 2016 zine.
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Title: A Very Good Tradition
Pairing: Starsky/Hutch
Rating: NC-17
Categories: Established Relationship, Thanksgiving, Recreational Drug Use, ZineFic
Words: 11,149
Warnings: The boys smoke a little pot before sex.
Summary: Starsky teaches Hutch that holidays can be enjoyable after all.
Notes: Original published in Venice Place Chronicles 8 edited by KeriT; posting online as a Tgiving gift for [ profile] hardboiledbaby, who does so much for this fandom.
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Title: Paint It Gray
Pairing: Starsky/Hutch
Originally published in Back to Back by Idiot Triplets Press
Words: 20,443
Rating: NC-17
Categories: FT, Post-SR
Betas: Dana Austin Marsh and Padawan Ula Luva
Summary: Sometimes the hardest choice is the right one.
A/N: an early story of mine, this one owes a lot to stories by Dana Austin Marsh and Rosemary.

On my website: Paint It Gray
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Title: Achilles' Heel
Author: [ profile] morganlogan
Pairing: S/H
Wordcount: 5,366
Rating: NC-17
Categories: FT, PWP, kink
Beta: Nik Ditty
Summary: Hutch can't help saying no.
Notes: A very early story of mine, this was my first ever accepted for publishing.
It appeared in Flamingo's Dangerous Lives, Dangerous Visions 2.

This one's for the Bird.

Achilles' Heel )

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Title: Four Score and Ten
Author: [ profile] morganlogan
Pairing: S/H
Wordcount: 4,512
Rating: NC-17
Category: FT, long after SR
Beta: CC
Summary: "Four score and ten years ago, Hutch and me set forth in this metropolis in order to clean the streets of scum like you." Starsky felt a huge satisfaction as he finished cuffing the perp, who was looking dazed from either the punch to the jaw or Starsky's brilliant elocution.

Four Score and Ten )
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Title: Puzzle Box
Author: [ profile] morganlogan
Pairing: S/H
Wordcount: 9,710
Rating: NC-17
Category: FT, Hutch H/C, post-SR
Beta: CC
Summary: With Hutch, there's no such thing as a slam-dunk.
Notes: Originally published in Lucy Doty's memorial zine for Tabby Davis, Test of Faith.

Puzzle Box )

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Title: Hard Lesson
Author: [ profile] morganlogan
Pairing: S/H
Wordcount: 2,410
Rating: NC-17
Category: FT, h/c (sorta), PWP really
Beta: CC
Summary: Starsky gets into a fix. Hutch helps him out.
Notes: Originally published in the 2006 SHareCon Zine.

Hard Lesson )
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Title: Legacy
Author: [ profile] morganlogan
Pairing: S/H
Wordcount: 2,470
Rating: PG for language
Category: FT, pre-series
Beta: CC
Summary: It's all about the jacket.
Notes: Spawned from a conversation with CC, who says she
forgives me for stealing a plot point from one of my favorite
stories, Free to a Good Home.

This is for Marcy, who does so damned much for us all.

Legacy )

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Title: Five Times Starsky and Hutch Kissed in the Torino (Well, Technically Four)
Author: [ profile] morganlogan
Pairing: Starsky/Hutch
Wordcount: 1500
Rating: NC-17
Beta: CC
Category: FT, Five Times

For CC.

Five Times Starsky and Hutch Kissed in the Torino )

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hey guys:

just a little Christmas Eve story
to lighten (hopefully) the
last-day-of-shopping blues.
(slash, no nookie)

happy holidays!
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Title: White Rabbit
Author: Morgan Logan
Genre: slash (very muchly)
Categories: uh...FT. and there are hippies involved.
Comments: why I bother posting 'em
Critique: shua
Disclaimer: Lewis Carroll can't come after me
Complete (~13,600 wds)
Notes: Story was originally published Oct 2005 by Kassidy Rae
in Like Water, Like Fire, a zineful of excellent stories.
Artwork by Sonja.
Beta'd by CC.

Written: June, 2005.
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Title: Transparent Blue
Author: Morgan Logan
Genre: gen
Comments: if you feel up to it
Critique: shua
Disclaimer: It only breathes when I hurt
Complete (~2,100 wds)
Notes: Beta'd by CC. Warning: SECOND PERSON POV. be afeared.

NS: [blink]

Dec. 5th, 2006 10:05 pm
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Title: [blink]
Author: Morgan Loga
Genre: slash, no nookie
Comments: even just a "thanks for being you" is terrific
Critique: shua
Disclaimer: not done for filthy lucre
Category: Starsky H/C
Complete (~2,800 wds)
Notes: Beta'd by the fabulous CC

NS: Magic

Nov. 30th, 2006 11:29 pm
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Title: Magic
Author: Morgan Logan
Genre: slash, none too explicit
Comments: even just a "your typing is excellent" is nice
Critique: shua
Disclaimer: They can pry my pron from my cold dead hands
Category: FT, SR
Complete (~3,400 wds)
Notes: Beta'd by CC, for which I am hugely grateful
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hi guys:

hopefully you will find this a fun ride.


Title: Pigs in Space
Author: Morgan Logan
Genre: slash indeed
Comments: even just a "thanks for posting your pathetic efforts" is dandy
Critique: shua
Disclaimer: What they don't know won't hurt them
Category: FT, AU, Science Fiction
Complete (~17,200 wds)
Notes: First appeared in the AU anthology Timeless2, edited
and published by and still available.
Written: August, 2005
Illustration by the fabulously talented Selena
Beta by CC
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notes: just a shorty (implied slash), inspired
in part by Kaye's terrific Behavioral Studies
which got me to thinking about food as the guys'
ultimate passive-aggressive communication tool.

thanks to CC for the eyeballs.

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Title: Changeling
Author: Morgan Logan
Genre: heavy slash
Comments: even just a "thanks for posting your pathetic efforts" is dandy
Critique: shua
Disclaimer: Not yet a threat to national security.
Category: FT, post-Fix, Hutch H/C, Starsky and Hutch both angsting
Complete (~13,200 wds)
Notes: Another shameless wubbie-fest brought to you by the makers of Wibble™ brand tissues.

This one is for Kass, with grateful thanks to her, Keri and CC for the editing assistance.
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Title: To Sleep...
Author: Morgan Logan
Genre: slash, no nookie
Comments: even just a "thanks for posting your drivel" is lovely
Critique: shua
Disclaimer: Mom? Dad? I'm in jail.
Category: Post-SR, Starsky H/C, Hutch angst, FT
Complete (~4,300 wds)
Notes: Hutch watches Starsky sleep. I started this a while
back, and then someone else posted a nice Hutch-watching-Starsky-sleep
story, so I shelved it for a while. But I figure you just can't
have enough of those, can you?

Thanks to CC for the lightning beta.
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Title: Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)
Author: Morgan Logan
Genre: slashy slash slash
Comments: even just a "thanks for posting your drivel" is lovely
Critique: shua
Disclaimer: I didn't mean it.
Category: Hutch H/C, Hutch Angst, not-really-established
relationship, seriously, embarrassingly mushy
Complete (~9,300 wds)
Notes: This is a shameless, feverish Hutch-fest, written
solely for my own (and hopefully CC's) pleasure in seeing
the wubbie all hot and sweaty.

Dedicated to and beta'd by CC.
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hi guys:

having the kind of day that requires posting a sad story.

this one was originally printed in Dangerous Lives, Dangerous Visions 3
(still available from A terrific zine).

don't read it if you're not up to the task.

(thank god for fandom)

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